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        Adventaria: Survival & Mining Game
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        •         ADVENTARIA - this is the Sandbox Mining 2D Game in the Terrarium World! Game is full of Mining, Crafting, Exploration, Survival elements and Unreal and the Mos...

        Adventaria: Survival & Mining Game

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        ADVENTARIA - this is the Sandbox Mi [详情]

        ADVENTARIA - this is the Sandbox Mining 2D Game in the Terrarium World! Game is full of Mining, Crafting, Exploration, Survival elements and Unreal and the Most Horrific Mobs: zombies, bosses, skeletons, hornets, demons, werewolves, golems, wizards, Wyverns and a lot of others. ★ ADVENTARIA GAME FEATURES ★ ? Game has over hundred of items to discover. ? 3 in 1 fantastic modes (2d Build+ Survive +Explore). ? Dangerous monster hunting. ? Fatal BOSS fights! ? FREE game upgrades. ? Find rings to get regeneration/defence/health/power of double jump/ invisibility! ★ Mine, Craft, Fight and Build! ★ ? Explore unique terariya worlds, with perfect generated terrains; ? Craft items: snowball, campfire, silk, bucket, bottle and etc. ? Craft 2d blocks and use in building! ? A great number of mobs to farm. ? Plant your own grass and flowers! ? Build a house to survive, and search for materials to craft new pixel items. ? Mine the tera online for resources, build great structures, harvest plants, trees and mobs, the choice is yours! ★ Why to choose ADVENTARIA GAME? ★ ? 50+ types of lethal and crazy weapons; ? Huge amount of armor to be safe with; ? 80+ Dangerous monsters to fight with; ? 80+ useful stuff to mine / craft / find; ? You could create amazing structures in this amazing 2d blocky game, or just battle it out with swords, bows and guns. ★ UPGRADES ★ ? “From NOVICE to EXPERT” Try to become a Adventaria Expert by completing the first tutorial; ? Become a Miner by mining your first nugget of ore with a pickaxe; ? Become a Blacksmith by obtaining an anvil made from iron; ? Try to become a Champion by defeating every boss in Adventaria; ? Try to become an Obsessed with Armor by collecting every type of armor available on Adventaria; ? Become a Crafting Master by using every crafting station. ★ HOW TO PLAY INSTRUCTIONS ★ ? Choose one of the existing 2d cube worlds or create the new world; ? Play with or without wifi; ? Adventaria is a single player teraria survival craft, so all the prizes could be collected for your own; ? You arrive in The Adventaria with just a few tools. ? Start to explore the chosen world, hunt monsters, dig deep away the ground, gather loot, harvest resources, craft and build your own shelters. ? Try to survive among hundreds of monsters: zombies, bosses, skeletons, hornets, demons, werewolves, golems, wizards, Wyverns! ? Mine dirt, stone and items with the pickaxe. Destroy pixel walls with hammer. ? Try to find artifacts that will make you partially invisible to monsters or give invulnerability to the lava. Build amazing 2d structures, try to find more powerful tools and weapons, and share on our social media pages! In our NEAREST UPDATE we are planning to add: ? flying snakes; ? lots of traps to craft for your survival; ? Gaming Modes; ? Multiplayer. ? New stuctures Our Social Medias: FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/cvWL5f TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TellurionMobG YOUTUBE Gaming Channel: https://goo.gl/zfLzVG INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/VKrBCS VK: https://goo.gl/ahyV7m Adventaria Gaming Forum: https://goo.gl/NbtKL Adventaria Website: https://www.adventaria.net/ ★ Try the game and let us know what you want be changed in it! Please leave a 5 ****** star review, and let us know what you would like to see added first to the game to improve it. Please, be specific on what you like/ don't like so that our development team can improve it, otherwise your review isn't useful for us or other users.★ THANK YOU!

        开发者:Survival, Explore and Craft Games

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