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        Blocky Moto Racing
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        •         Welcome to new Blocky Moto Racing game! Ride motorcycles and get more driving experience. You can play in three game modes. Choose your favourite one and hi...

        Blocky Moto Racing

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        Welcome to new Blocky Moto Racing [详情]

        Welcome to new Blocky Moto Racing game! Ride motorcycles and get more driving experience. You can play in three game modes. Choose your favourite one and hit the road! Realistic bike physics will guarantee you a lot of fun. Especially during often crashes! That's why you need to watch out for other road users. They often change lane without looking in the mirror! Get more skill and avoid explosions! Funny crash? Share your GIF to your friends on social networks or to us! The most funny GIFs we'll be publishing on our Facebook fanpage! RACE MODE: - Survive as long and drive as fast as you can - Try to get the highest score and achieve the best distance. - Avoid cars and obstacles like police, fire brigade blockades or road repairs - Enjoy endless race - Get caught by speed trap camera for speeding and receive bonus points! DEMOLITION MODE: - smash as many cars as you can in 2 minutes! - hit other cars to make them explode! CITY MODE: - freerun. Relax and enjoy ride in city full of streets, traffic and airport with planes! FEATURES - Third and unique first person camera view - 3 types of motorbikes to choose from. Ride motocross, speeder or police motorbike - GIF sharing. Send GIF of funny crashes to your friends! - Realistic motor sounds - Blocky styled buildings and vehicles - Three game modes: endless Race, Demolition and freerun City - Police motorcycle with siren and light effects - Rich types of NPC traffic including cars, buses, trams and trucks - Wheelie stunt and Handbrake feature - Realistic motorbike physics - Leaderboards and achievements TIPS - The faster you ride, the better score you get - Collect golden coins to get more score - Wheelie unlocks after 2 km and handbrake after 5 kilometers - To unlock Superbike or Police motorcycle - play the game for 60 or 120 minutes - Purchase anything to unlock all motorcycles and remove ads - In Demolition mode try to smash the side of the cars. This way you will not decrease much speed. Avoid direct hits. - Slow down when you see the train. It's hard to jump over the railway with high speed without a crash. - If you want to test motorcycles or check their max speed, do it on Demolition or City mode. These are crashless modes. - If you have internet connection you can recover from crash one time by watching short video. - Publish your crash GIF to us to get promoted on our Facebook page! Share funny moments with your friends! Keep updated - subscribe now! Website: www.mobadu.pl Facebook: www.facebook.com/3Dmaze Twitter: https://twitter.com/MobaduApps Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mobadu/


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        Blocky Moto Racing游戏截图



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