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        Word Wanderlust Word Connect Game
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        •         ? If you are a travel enthusiast and you love to train your brain by solving word puzzles, get ready for unlimited hours of fun and awesome brain challenges! St...

        Word Wanderlust  Word Connect Game

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        ? If you are a travel enthusiast an [详情]

        ? If you are a travel enthusiast and you love to train your brain by solving word puzzles, get ready for unlimited hours of fun and awesome brain challenges! Start your word hunt right now and roam around the globe discovering the most beautiful places and expanding your vocabulary at the same time! Tests your vocabulary, spelling and anagram solving skills! Swipe the letters and link them up into words! Solve puzzles to move through levels and visit exciting places! Find hidden words and learn interesting facts about world-famous destinations! Exercise your brain, improve your memory and acquire tons of new words! ? Travel all around the world, get to know fun places, explore popular tourist attractions and enjoy your virtual holiday! Word Wanderlust is an amazing word swipe game that will stimulate your mind and act as a perfect memory enhancer! Compose words from letters and move through levels, each of which represents a famous tourist attraction or a place full of adventures. ? Try to guess all the hidden words and collect coins that will give you various forms of help along the way! At the beginning of your word search the levels are easy to pass, but as you progress towards the higher levels the obstacles get more and more difficult to overcome. However, if you try hard, you will eventually solve all the word find puzzles and get a chance to discover amazing facts about some of the wide known tourist destinations around the world! ? These word link puzzles will keep you on the edge of your seat and make your brain work at its full capacity! If you are a fan of mind games and crossword puzzles, this word scramble finder will provide you with loads of entertainment and enhance your wordsearch skills to the maximum! Enjoy the best brain teasers and gather lots of useful information about the most extraordinary places! Features: * Compose words by swiping letters! * Improve your word search skills! * Collect coins and unlock new levels! * Shuffle the position of letters! * Several help options! * No time limits! * Play in an offline mode! SOLVE THE WORD ANAGRAM PUZZLES – Compose words using letters that fit the number of empty boxes! Learn new words and revise your old vocabulary! This text twist game starts with easy words and the farther you go the more challenging it gets! EASY TO PLAY WITH NO TIME LIMITS - Take as much time as you need to solve the word anagrams and look sharp for the hidden vocabulary items! This word finder gets you to concentrate on the brain exercises instead of thinking of the time that passes! SEVERAL HELP OPTIONS - In case you get stuck on a word, use some of our fantastic help options – reveal the first letter, reveal three letters, reveal one word and solve the level . There is also an extra help option – wheel of fortune ! Try your luck, spin the wheel and win help or coins! DOWNLOAD FOR FREE AND PLAY EVEN ON THE GO – Word Wanderlust is free to download; however, it contains in-app purchases that make it easier to play and provide you with numerous advantages. You can play this brain puzzle game even in the offline mode, so pack your suitcases and hit the road! AWESOME GRAPHICS AND ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY - Travel around the world, visit famous holiday destinations and learn some fun facts! Word Wanderlust is a perfect word connect game for all those globetrotters who have a passion for learning languages and discovering new cultures! ? Start an addictive brain workout with the best free word unscrambler and boost your vocabulary while enjoying your stay in the most beautiful corners of the Earth!


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